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Monica's Corner

Supporting you is at the center of what we do - our services, the non-profit we run, the sustainable practices we implement - all that we do has a purpose and drive towards a stronger, healthy, and sustainable community.

 CME Landscape wants to meet you where you are at and provide resources you can use.


From water management resources, to new innovative techniques used in the industry, to simple ways on integrating sustainable practices into your landscaping needs, Monica hand-picked and curated these resources so they are easily at your fingertips.

Big Wave


Small Community Drought Relief

Learn about this California program and how to apply for immediate and near-term financial and technical assistance.

Watering Calculator

Developed by the city of San Diego, this tool can help you plan out the correct amount of water for efficient irrigation.

Drought 2022: Take Action Now

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California addresses drought challenges and provides possible solutions and resources.

LA Times Article: Water Restrictions

Be prepared... Californians should brace for another year of water restrictions in response to extreme drought.

Sustainable Landscaping

CalRecycle explains the benefits of sustainable landscaping and resources to support you with ways to do it yourself.


CalRecycle shares tips and resources on how to recycle and use your grass clippings to save time and money, while helping the enviroment.

Gardening and Horticulture

From design basics to how to garden in a drought, the CA Native Plant Society offers info on restoring nature through gardening.

Water Agencies Could See Shortages

The Los Angeles Times share information from the California Department of Water Resources' first annual assessment.

 Illustrated Forest Background


Watercolor Stain


Landscaping for your Outdoor Space

House Beautiful offers 80 ideas for transforming your outdoor area into an enchanting space.

Native Plants at the Butterfly Pavilion

Enjoy nature by experiencing the seasonal outdoor exhibit at the Natural History Museum’s Butterfly Pavilion.

Xeriscape Education and Native Plants

The LA County Waterworks Districts provides educational resources on xeriscaping and a list of drought tolerant plants.

Gardens in Unexpected Places

The LA Times share 6 locations in Los Angeles where you can find and enjoy their hidden gardens and green spaces.

The Innovations of Mia Lehrer

See how SoFi Stadium's landscape designer and her team are transforming outdoor spaces throughout Los Angeles.

The Decline of Gas-Powered Equipment

California is addressing noise pollution and greenhouse gas emissions with new law mandates.

Reusing and Monitoring Water

The EPA shares examples of how communities and organizations have worked to conserve, reuse and monitor their water systems.

A New Lease on Water

Insights shares how commercial properties could look into ways to conserve more water and create more savings.



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